The Fabulous Damned (Part 2)

We are all high. I think there is a truth about myself and about some others. I would like to think, to some degree, that this is true about everyone. I believe we all want to be natural disasters. We want to be seen as beautiful and ethereal and monstrous at the same time. Ladies,... Continue Reading →

And Then The Moon

Hey Gang!   "No man is so utterly dull and obtuse with head so bent on Earth, as never to lift himself up and rise with all his soul to the contemplation of the starry heavens, especially when some fresh wonder shows a beacon-light in the sky...So natural is it to admire what is strange... Continue Reading →

The Recipe

A GREAT DAY Ingredients 1 Free day 1 New Favorite Can't-Get-It-Out-Of-My-Head Song 1-2 Best Friends (Depending on your taste) 1 Pool Hall or local watering hole containing spirits 1/2 Cup of mocha frappucino at a Barnes and Noble Starbucks 1 Car 0 Expectations Begin by waking up and looking outside at the perfect day. You... Continue Reading →

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