New York City is an Animal (Part 1)

There is something that happens when you round a big bend to go towards the Lincoln tunnel and see this skyline that you have seen in films. This iconic tableau laid out in front of you seems so much more frightening in a way. It's kind of looking at you saying, "Do you dare come here?'

The Looming Monster

  Hey gang! Sometimes I wonder about me. The other me. The insecure part of ourselves that tends to bleed through. I always wonder what that part of me would be like if it was the me that is the most prevalent part. We all have these masks that hide our crazy, right? In dating,... Continue Reading →

Momento Animalis

Hey Gang! I recently came across the Non-Human Rights Project (NhRP). Essentially they are proposing we treat animals such as elephants, wales, dolphins and, most notably, chimpanzees as “persons”. Steve Wise, founder of NhRP, made it his mission to treat them as civil cases much like the women’s rights, civil rights, and gay marriage movements.... Continue Reading →

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