I am honored to have been given a few awards by fellow bloggers. This isn’t about gloating because I mention others in these posts on this page by accepting the honor and I believe that those mentioned are individuals that should be recognized and read! So, please, check out some of those posts and see those great writers who have much to say!



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  1. It always feels nice to be appreciated and I know that many of bloggers have noble intentions in mind, but I sometimes felt that awards are like chain letters forcing people to link to other people and I decided against them. The greatest award is to have an honest and dedicated audience that visits and comments on your stuff. Best of luck to you Chris.

    1. Paula, couldn’t agree more. I showcase these more so because people gave them to me or even thought that I deserved them. I know they are “chain mail” but out of the millions on it is a pretty nice concept that they cared to mention me. I post those more-so for that reason than bragging rights.


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