Hey Gang!

I bet some of you are wondering, “Who the hell is this guy?” I know, me too! It has been insanely long since I posted in this blog. What started out as a fun little blog turned into something a bit special. For those of you who have been part of the Gang and stuck around, thanks! To those who didn’t, I hate you and I wish you ill. I MEANNNNNN, totally understand. These past nearly FIVE YEARS have been a learning experience for sure. In the end, I found IDQT calling me back. It said, “You have more bullshit to talk about and ramble on for paragraphs for. Come back!” (this is all said with kind of Chris Hemsworth tone but a little more ethereal. Think Galadriel meets Thor.)

ANNNNYYYYWAAAAYYYYYY, I wrestled the WordPress gods and finally figured out my password. I’m very proud of myself because I drank a lot in college and I am very happy my memory returned. Now, I would like to reintroduce myself to people who may wander to my corner of the internet (sorry for the smell). I will do this in a Q and A piece where I imagine you, dear reader, ask me questions.

READER: Why does this post have a curse word?

ME: Because it was the first thing I said when I got into my account.

READER: What’s this whole blog about? Seems lame.

ME: Well, that hurt my feelings. I guess the best way to boil it down is this blog contains the ramblings of a man who is far too much in his head. He waxes philosophical quite a bit and always injects humor (usually dark) into his stuff. He also watches a lot of horror and is an aspiring writer.

READER: You gained weight.


READER: Where ya been?

ME: This is a big question. Simple answer is: Around. I have been living my life one day at a time. I have so many stories and ideas and thoughts to talk about but those will come in time, probably in long, wordy blog posts. Below are things that have happened since my last post:

  1. A wholeass pandemic…yikes
  2. I GOT FUCKING MARRIED! (she’s amazing and I will often talk about her)
  3. My mother’s health has been declining (cancer, age, retinopathy, and more)
  4. I started a new career direction in education/training
  5. I had to let go of friendships while building new ones and keeping current ones sacred
  6. I read A LOT of books to become a better writer. I hope this blog shows that progression
  7. I have been writing a lot more and am currently writing my first novel *SQUEE*
  8. I’m looking onto the horizon and seeing that life is very different than what I had planned and I think that’s a good thing
  9. I know that’s a good thing
  10. I started writing in my blog again, which I started 10 years ago this year

Well, dear reader, I look forward to more conversations with you during our quiet time together. Every Thursday 🙂

Love to you all. I hope you are well or at least trying your best.



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