A Beginning’s End


Hey Gang!

So, this may be a part two I think to No Moss. In this blog I always try to analyze all the good things but I know that there is more to me, to everyone, than that deep thoughtful side. I don’t lie to myself; I am not infallible.

The other night my mother and I were hanging out, as per usual with this whole being back home thing. We were talking and I brought up that I wanted to maybe look into acting and writing. She responded honestly but it was not what I wanted to hear. Isn’t that funny how that works? We ask questions and we hope to hear what the other person says somehow validates or mirrors your own way of thinking but when it doesn’t it is devastating. 

She told me that it was a dream and that I needed to have a more concrete ground. I laughed, which pretty much angered her to no end, because she used the analogy that writing is like the champagne of life but I needed my “beerwallet” to pay the bills and for my family and things.

“Mom, I am single,” I said.

“Later in life. When you do have a family,” she said.

I get the gist of what she was saying. Writing and acting and producing are things I am really interested in. I plan on sending in a couple of screenplays to festivals in a few months, and a few revisions. I understand that these are not consistent forms of income but I have seen what a job is like when you have income but the job is terrible. I just thank the gods of blogging that when I worked at the call center I was on the ground floor (Dark Humor!).

I listened to what she said but I was more hurt by the fact that I didn’t have my friend there. That person who believed in me unconditionally. I didn’t have support when I needed it. It was like a stab when she said it was a “dream”.

I once dreamed that I was floating over the city. Literally, that’s it. If you remember an old post I did, I wrote about my dream that I went into outer space. Dreams. A dream is something I find unattainable. Everything else is an option. When she called my option a dream, I was offended. I thought about it long and hard that night.

I was laying in bed listening to Toro y Moi and looking up at the darkened ceiling. I couldn’t help but be angry with her. I was livid.

I was pissed off.

I didn’t know why though until I realized it was more than being hurt. It was more internal. It was the one thing that has been my bane since I was a kid: ambition. I have always been ambitious and it seems great but that hunger is insatiable. I wanted to do things that made me struggle. Things I wasn’t very good at and then become great at them. I tried basketball and got good at that. Mainly because I was 6’3″ when I was 12 but anyway. I was terrible at school and now I am getting my master’s degree with an assistantship.

I am not bragging I am just saying that I love the challenge and I love showing myself that it is possible. My mom is my mother and my best friend. I just want her to be proud of what I do in both respects.

This option is a risk, a big one but I need it. I have been writing, whether for newspapers or blogs or broadcast, for 11 years. I feel like I am just finding the tip of the iceberg that is me and my literary voice. It is what makes me happy. I love the fact that you can never be satisfied with your writing because you know it isn’t perfect.

We are all artists on here my friends. We do what others can’t always do. We craft a story in blog form and it is great but we always know that there is more we could say or a better way we could say something that would make it better.

I digress, though. I don’t want to skew into a tangent.

Ambition is a part of me I am not proud of. I don’t step on other’s toes or anything. I only try to be better than me but I know I can always be better. Drop some lbs or edit some stories. Increase your vocabulary. Maybe don’t cuss as much….

Changing, hopefully for the better, but never satisfied.

Content is a dream.

I feel angst in the fact that there is a fork in my road right now. There is this great song called “Closing Time” by Semisonic and in it there is a lyric: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

I feel like in the coming months I have a decision. One I must make without the ambition that clouds  my mind so often. I am going to be closing a very large book soon. Friends are moving away and I am moving on. This new beginning has to be the book of my choosing. I could choose the short sweet book of knowing. That path that has no grass. Paved even.


I could choose the long novel. The extremely long novel. Atlas Shrugged long. The novel where there is depth and so much there. So much to experience. There is more to it. That path that has barely been walked is the one I have to choose.

That long novel that begins with the line: “Chris decided….”

I guess we’ll see how that line ends soon.



15 thoughts on “A Beginning’s End

  1. Dreams and fantasies are different things. Dreams can be attained. It may be hard, risky, or rare, but it can happen; fantasies never will.

  2. There are always two roads aren’t there?I won’t sit on the fence on this. I think you need to give your dreams a try because you could live to regret it and then you may want to jump off the building, that would not be good(!)Who would leave comments on my blog? You are smart enough to know that there will be obstacles in your way, people even mums have opinions and anxieties, but it is your life to lead, your triumphs and disasters. We become beautiful and entire human beings because of the risks we take relative to our own limits and only you will know how much you can take. Sometimes you need a hurricaine Chris to shake things up, and trust that in letting go of smoething the universe will send you what you need if you keep your heart open:0)

  3. Chris, a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing this journey. I’m 44 and teetering on the precipice of writing full time, about (I think) to make the leap into its unfathomable depths. It’s not that I’ve been putting it off all these years- I’ve had a rich, full career (a couple of them) and life experiences that have been great fodder for my stories. But I feel this is at last my time to pursue this dream, to take it as far as I can. It is far less about ambition for me than a deeply rooted realization that writing brings me peace. At my ripe old age, I’m ready to be at peace. Working my ass off, but at something that is fundamentally ME. I wish you the very best and look forward to reading that novel!

    1. Thanks!

      See, that’s what I want. That feeling of peace and I hope I find it in my writing. Not so much for money but just because it is an extension of me. Like breathing. Something that is inherent in me. I hope that I can find even of piece of the peace that you have found.

      I guess like Frost said, “Miles to go before I sleep”


  4. First of all don’t you ever quit writing. If you ignore your talent, you will be miserable in life. It’s really that simple. That you cannot make a living AND fulfill your talent and desire is a BIG MYTH! You are young and strong and can always earn money to live on. That is so not the point. Next in my rant is that there is not one thing wrong with ambition. It’s what keeps you from getting eaten. Lastly I promise you there is nothing to be afraid of. Except what it does to you to ignore your talent and passion. Okay, I’ll shut up now.


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