The Recipe



1 Free day

1 New Favorite Can’t-Get-It-Out-Of-My-Head Song

1-2 Best Friends (Depending on your taste)

1 Pool Hall or local watering hole containing spirits

1/2 Cup of mocha frappucino at a Barnes and Noble Starbucks

1 Car

0 Expectations

Begin by waking up and looking outside at the perfect day. You may be greeted by the snuffles or barks of your Shih Tzu but delight in the sound.

Take a hot shower and put on Pandora radio. Come across a song that sinks into your depths and consumes you, yet it is too embarassing to sing aloud in public.

Wear the summer clothes you have been longing to put on for a day such as this where the sun shines and standing in its’ rays places gentle warmth on your shoulders. Enjoy as it sets in and you forget the long, cold months of winter passed.

Send a text of yourself making a goofy face to your friend(s) and tell them to wake up. Even if you get up early, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be up to enjoy the day as well. (Note: Too early and this may ruin the recipe as they may say expletives and hang up.)

Set a meeting time to pick up your friend(s) and take a drive.

Go to Barnes and Noble and get a mocha frappucino. Sit with your company and talk. Begin making too much noise from laughing and leave the cafe.

Wander the bookstore. At first you look at psuedointellectual books and flip through Kant and contemplate reading Shakespeare. Lose interest and look in the sex and relationships books.

Flip through two (2) books and realize you may have something wrong with you.

You leave with company and feel sick from the sugary mix in your plastic cup and throw it away.

Drive. Listen to the song that has been stuck in your head all day. You try to explain why the song is good but then digress. Your company makes fun of you but after the third listen you all break out into song and laugh at how ridiculous it is.

Go to a park. Walk.


Get Gas.


Decide to play a sport outside. Get sweaty and dirty. Possibly hurt yourself (This part of the recipe is kind of up to you!)

Take your company home. You go home and shower. You take an unexpected nap.

Wake up 2-3 hours later and call a friend to go to the Pool Hall or Watering Hole of choice.

Play Pool. Enjoy 3-20 beverages. Feel sick.

Dry heave in the bathroom.

Gather your life.

Call a cab and go downtown.

Dance with your company.

Think about hitting on an attractive person.

Realize it’s a bad idea.

Go back to your company’s dwelling, eat pizza and fall asleep in the front room just as your company places a just-too-small blanket on you.

Stir all ingredients together in 1 free day and enjoy!

(Note: Some may find the day after the recipe is made a bit dissatisfying compared to the day before.)



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