Bump In The Night

Hey Gang!

Well it is that time of year that seems more like Christmas than Christmas to me…Hallowwweeeeennnn!

Along with the amazing autumn weather and the trees that have golden, auburn and red leaves and look as if they are on fire in the light of the dying sun, there are the instances of creepy! My favorite part of the year, when everything is creepy and people think that for maybe a second, that this stuff, these instances of paranormal are real.

I happen to believe in this stuff but only because I have had the opportunity to see these things. Apparitions and other things. Below are a few of my accounts of paranormal activity. I am not asking you to believe them but to go along with the season and say, “maybe”

  • When I was around two, I was playing in the floor at my grandmother’s house. Most of my family was there as my aunt was in town from Texas. She came alone though because she and my uncle were fighting (at least that is what my mom tells me) My grandmother was having problems with her phone, so it was not working and this was before cell phones were prolific. So, I am sitting there and playing with my toys when I turn to my aunt and say, “your little boy is sick”. I go back to playing but I guess it freaked her out so much she ran down the street to a pay phone and called my uncle. Turns out my cousin who was about my age at the time was admitted to the emergency room about an hour before I said that. She flew home the next day. It creeps my mom out to this day but for one other reason. That was the first time I had ever met my aunt and I didn’t know she had kids…creeptastic!
  • This account takes place from 1993-1994: We had just moved into this really nice town house. It was great, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It had a nice large fenced in backyard and I had my own playroom. This should have been great but there was just something wrong with that place. It started when the furnace went out. Maintenance came in and saw nothing wrong with it but said they would replace it. So, they did. It broke again for no reason. Winter was almost over so we went downstairs and slept in front of the heater for those last few months. My mom made the best out of it by saying it was like we were camping. It was fun in that weird way but always cold. Then, spring came and things got better, warmer that’s for darn sure!

We had this old tube television set that looked like furniture. It was huge and set inside this large wooden cabinet type enclosure. This was also the time of the VHS so we had tapes stacked on top of the TV. A lot of them.  We would argue sometimes. Yell would be more like it. Then one day we were between the living room and the kitchen yelling at each other when we both saw all of those tapes fly off of the television and hit the couch. This couch was probably 20 feet away. We stopped arguing immediately and tried to figure out what had happened. We never did. It kept happening though but got worse. The next thing that accompanied the flying tapes were cockroaches would come out of light sockets and telephone receivers when we yelled. It got so bad we stopped talking altogether for a while.

Then the first night I saw the thing. I was lying in bed and I saw this large shadow figure walk slowly passed my door and into my playroom. A few minutes later it would come back and pause near my door, then go back along the same path and it was gone. I have never been so scared in my life. It was scary, just the feeling it gave off. I never wanted to go home because I knew there was something upstairs that wasn’t my biggest fan. In the fall of ’94 we moved because of this incident: I was lying in bed almost asleep when I felt like someone was choking me. I opened my eyes and the shadow figure was near me just there. So, I am lying there and not breathing. I begin choking and start vomiting. I run to my mom’s bedroom and shake her bed. She wakes up wondering what is wrong and I am pointing at my throat. She realizes I am choking and grabs me up. She takes me to the bathroom and sets me down in from of the toilet trying to make me puke. She keeps telling me to breath. The last words I hear before I black out are, “Chrissy, breathe!”

(Gross point): I wake up to my mother on the phone with my doctor and two of her fingers down my throat. I immediately start puking my life up. It was intense. I know most people say that it was acid reflux and stuff but I saw what I saw and felt what I felt. I told my mom about the shadow figure, that wispy being and she clammed up. She had seen it as well, almost every night so she started shutting her door. She said it was always like she was being watched. We moved out soon after and I had limited breathing capacity because I had asphyxiated on my own puke so my lungs were kinda damaged for a year or so. It was terrible living there and we left. We moved into this nice house across the city and that was years ago but I still remember that “Roach Motel” as we like to call it.



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