IDQT Vocabulary: Laughtershock

Hey Gang!

This is going to be quick but I will still write a longer one later in the week.

Mike and I went to dinner tonight and on the way back we were on a long rant, as usual, about a funny topic. We came up with a scenario where he was in Top Gun and had a bogey on his tail. He has this thing where he slacks his bottom jaw and shakes his body making it flap and making some god awful noise. So, he sound like “Maverick, I can’t shake my bogeyUHB-UHB-UHB-UHB-UHB-UHB!” (The uhbs supposedly sounded like machine gun fire. I laughed so hard we almost crashed.

A few minutes after we had laughed Mike started again and said it was weird how it was still funny.

HE SAID: “It’s like an Aftershock”

I HEARD: “It’s like a Laughtershock”

Even though I misheard, he immediately wanted to take credit for it which he was denied.

SO, here it is:

LAUGHTERSHOCK (n.): When something hilarious has died down but the mere thought of what was so     funny brings you to laugh again.


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  1. I get this all the time, I just didn’t know what to call it!Thanks for that:0) My Mum can be eating dinner and I will just start laughing and she looks at me like I am from another planet and I have to explain the whole thing to her:0)


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