IDQT….In Space??

Hey Gang!

I am coming to you off of my spiffy new computer. My absence was due to my previous computer deciding I was no longer a suitable owner and kamikaze-ing itself onto my bedroom floor.

Here is the thing…I smile as I write this because I can go from writing a blog that is incredibly personal to something that is essential the opposite. That whole truth saying I have is a double edged sword. It is great most of the time but then there is something like this blog where it is genuinely embarrassing to talk about and it came from a dream I had about a month ago. This dream was incredibly vivid and it sticks with me even now. Hold on to your butts, let’s take a journey through Chris’ Psyche!

I am in a space suit by myself in a rocket ship. The ship is completely vertical and stationary on earth. It is one of those old school rockets from 50s b-movies. The one circular window and all but the thing is that it is just me in a chair and only one button in front of me. I hear the count down and when they finally count down to 1 and I hit the large red button in front of me and the rocket rumbles beneath me and then sends me into space. I look as the world goes far beneath me and I go weightless.

Folks, I must tell you that this is the most vivid part. I am weightless and floating around this capsule; all the while I am laughing like a school girl. I am bouncing from wall to wall. Pushing with my hands off the ceiling and then landing on my feet on the floor only to kick off back to the ceiling and repeat. It was the most fun I had had and it was so real! I can’t stress this enough.

Then there is a rumble and the spaceship starts tumbling through space. I am bouncing all around and freaking out because my helmet is made of glass. In case you were wondering, my outfit is something from the atomic age as well. Glass helmet and silver jumpsuit with big, grey boots. I looked amazing! Back to the action!

I am tumbling still! Then BOOM and I am floating gently to the bottom of the stationary ship. I kick off the ground and go up to the door and open it to my new location: the moon. That’s right folks, I was on the moon. I remember looking at the earth and how it was half covered by darkness and looking around me, seeing grey sand and massive craters. So, I do what any other rational human being would do, I began randomly jumping across the moon’s surface.

I bounce higher and higher as I travel further away from my ship. The weightlessness was incredible and I remember the elation felt! It was excellent. Then I looked around and I realized I was lost…on the moon. I began freaking out and started jumping backwards but I couldn’t find my tracks but I did find something. It was a colony.

This is where it got weird. I walked from the desert moon to a place that looked like it was out of a cartoon. The “grass” was just flat ground and it had those fake little white flowers like off of bugs bunny cartoons. There were palm trees but they, once again, looked cartoonish. The buildings were as cartoony  well and looked to be made out of giant balloons. When I looked up there was clear blue skies and a big, yellow sun that was smiling down at me. The sun, I kid you not, winked at me. Moon-me didn’t think it was strange at all. The only thing Moon-me wanted to do was find a place to go pee. So, I went to a fire station and was calling out for someone because I needed to go pee. I walked up to a man taking a shower (AHEM! Okaay, I get there is a freudian thing here but leave it along) and I asked him where the bathroom was. He pointed to a door and I went pee in this storage shed basically.


When I was done I went outside and walked through this huge garage port door. There were clothes lines and I had to duck underneath them as I walked to this garden where women and children were planting food. I was thinking that I never wanted to go home! This was great! I was thinking that maybe I could have a couple of cartoon kids, settle down in a nice little balloon house with an extremely dull picket fence. Great stuff.

But then….

People started to change into these creatures and started terrorizing the other cartoon people. I ran away. Real fast. These creatures looked somewhat like the ones in the 1980s version of a movie called “The Thing”. Great flick with Kurt Russel, an IDQT must see! Before I knew it these extremely realistic creatures were overtaking this new Eden of mine. I turned and saw the balloon houses on fire and the tentacled creature were growing larger. Then I hear a boom and turn around. The large tree in front of me has turned into a massive creature and is bending down to eat me. Just as his large teeth begin to close around me…I wake up.

I immediately went pee in real life but ever since then I have been kinda disappointed. I mean, It was definitely a horror show at the end but I mean I felt like I was in space. The amount of fun I had while floating weightless and then Superman jumping across the Lunar surface was insurmountable. So, here I am, stuck in this weighted reality but on clear night,s when I look up and see that white, shining bulb in the sky, I think about when I was there. When I went to the moon.


4 thoughts on “IDQT….In Space??

  1. Oh that’s an amazing dream, though, the end was quite… hmmm… 😀
    I too hope that I could have been a part of such an illusion where I am weightless and quintessentially cartoony. Hope… and that is all!

  2. I get dreams where they start weird then end in an unexpected fashion which leave me with an insight about life. That feeling of wieghtlessness sounds pretty cool, but the details are not as important as the overall feeling of the dream…the mind is a powerful thing!I always enjoy your posts, and dreams are pretty personal things to share, so thanks.


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