IDQT’s Genesis


The other day I was talking to a friend about blogging on here and how much fun I have writing and reading blogs on here. He asked me what it was called and I told him “Introspections During Quiet Time” which he promptly followed up by saying “what the hell does that mean?”

Here is where it comes from:

I have never been a napper. Ever. As a child, I went to a babysitter where other children were being cared for as well and whenever it was “nap time” she put everyone in the “nap room”….except me. I would get bored while everyone was asleep and then I would get restless and then I would get annoyed until I finally started waking everyone up so we could play. This did not go over well because normal children enjoy nap time, so they would all be grumpy or cry as I would try to get them to play games. So, the babysitter devised a plan. She would have the kids lay down in their room while I would have to lay in the hallway where she could see me from the couch. I remember I would be about to get up and she would tell me to lay down and take a nap. Then i would say I have to get a drink of water or go potty but I would really play in the toilet water or take off my shoes and slide on the linoleum in my socks. She caught on quickly.

So, I would lay there. At first, I just cursed her in my head with all the bad thoughts a five-year-old could imagine: Stupid-head, dumb-dumb, etc. she was all of those. Then, after about a week, I started really imagining things. It is during these little half-hour spurts of quiet that I really thought. I remember that I came to the realization that I wanted to be a Velociraptor when I grew up. Then it was a paleontologist and then an astronomer. I would let my mind wander in any direction it wanted to. It was funny, (Spoiler Alert) this was the first time I reasoned my way to believing there was no Santa Claus. I remember I would go to my mom and say “Listen, you have to tell me if there is no Santa Claus because I don’t want to be Forty and wondering if Santa is going to bring my kids’ presents this year”.

This continued into kindergarten where I would lay on the city street mapped rug and just think as everyone else slumbered. I thought about if aliens existed and wondered if they were going to abduct me. I imagined they had suction cup fingers and antennae. It was so interesting to me that there was all kinds of things happening behind my forehead. I thought it was a super power! I really did. It translates even into today where sometimes I just have to zone out for a moment and take a little quiet time for myself.

So, that’s why it is called Introspection During Quiet Time. It’s all about being honest and frank. Mostly funny and sometimes serious but always true. True to the writing and true to myself. I let my mind go where it wants and hang on for the ride, I hope it makes you do the same. It’s much more exciting this way!


– Chris


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