All The Small Things


I truly enjoy the small things in life. The other day one of these things (I call them “little wins”) happened and it got me to thinking about the little wins that we all get and about what mine are specifically. So, these are just the little things that somehow can turn a bad day around on a dime:

  • I can’t stress how excited I get when I grab a soda from one of the vending machines or coolers at a supermarket and I pop it open, only to find it is partially frozen! It’s like having built in ice cubes. I also love when a couple of pieces of ice come out when you are taking a drink and you have to crunch the ice as loud as possible. Why? because. That’s why!
  • I enjoy playing basketball and making shots from half court is sweet but when I am in another room and throw a piece of garbage into the garbage can that is in another room than the one I am in, I literally feel like Zeus come down from Olympus. It’s like I cured and incurable disease. The fact that I threw a piece of trash from one room to the other and successfully put it in the waste disposal bin is one of the top moments of my life. Now, let’s not think about what that says about my life, but it is a little win for me all the same.
  • I go to the park and throw the Frisbee around with my room mate quite often and I love taking my shoes and socks of in the grass. I feel like a kid but I love the feeling of the grass under my feet. I run and jump for the hovering Frisbee as if it were going a hundred miles an hour just so that i have to run after it. The earth under my feet, running around on the cool grass as the sunsets, it’s a feeling of being content. That’s what these little wins are I think. The feeling of, even for a moment, being completely content.
  • That feeling when you start your car and you hear a favorite song of yours JUST beginning. It was perfect timing and you say one of two things: Either a loud “OHHH!” and turn it up or “YES!!” and turn it up but either way you smile and crank your favorite tune.
  • One of my favorite things is what I call “delayed laughter”. It’s when you hear something funny but it doesn’t register for maybe a minute and then you burst out laughing uncontrollably.
  • Following up the last little win, I love when I make people laugh embarrassingly loud. Like, so loud they start to have that emphysema type cough afterwards and usually let out a long sigh afterwards. Definite little win.
  • This one’s kind of lame but I love when you are dating someone and you are having a conversation with them and somehow you say something off hand, something that never really registered to you but makes them feel happy. They stop in their tracks and you feel confused but when you look into their eyes you see the affection they feel for you right then. I always think to myself “I don’t know what I said but damn I’m good”. I just enjoy that look in their eyes, and maybe a small smile, it’s like they are thinking, “He said the perfect thing”. I hope you know what I mean, or have experienced this. It’s my number one.
  • One of my least favorite things is slipping. I hate slipping. I mean, who like it but not only does it freak me out it pisses me off. If i fall I usually give the finger to the ground. It deserved it. However, i love when you are slipping and sliding on ice yet somehow you recover and just walk it off.
  • This one happened to me today. I was lifting weights and thinking I was a badass at the gym when I turned around and was walking to get a drink. I looked to my right for a second and then smacked my head on a pull-down bar so hard it knocked off my headphones. I looked around and saw to my happiness that no one saw. You may be thinking, someone saw but just didn’t say anything. Trust me, beloved blogger, if they had seen, they would have been rolling.
  • Finally, I love that awkward moment between you and the person you are dating right before your first kiss. You step closer, the talking dies out. You have peripheral chat about having fun that night but you are both thinking the same thing “Kissmekissmekissmekissme”. Then, when you finally lean in and the other person validates it by compensating in that they lean in as well and you have that first kiss. I can’t help but laugh everytime. The tension alleviated by the kiss makes me laugh for some reason. Women must think I am a douche but I laugh…maybe giggle is a better word. I’m not immature, it’s just that I have a problem when I get tense I tend to laugh. Not the best thing to do at a job interview but I figure after an exciting, awkward moment like that, who cares.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my “little wins” and I hope you can add amendments of your favorite “little wins”



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