[I’m Not Crying, It’s Just Raining From My Eyes] Playlist

Hey guys!

So, I know it is against the guy code to admit you cry but I do. I don’t do it often but I am not stoic either. I have emotions damnit! I digress. I have a “once a year” theory. I take some time, and have good old fashioned cry. It’s well needed and good for you I think. So, these songs are meant for those days when you just need to let it all out of your system. Be frustrated and cry, but like in your room where no one can hear you and call the police and stuff to these.

1. “Uninvited” by Alanis Morissette

-Now hold on. Just because this is somewhat of a rejection song and is something of an obsession song doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking. i hear it and it is deep and makes me think of what she felt when saying it and how the person on the receiving end of the song.

2. “On One’s Gonna Love You” by Band of Horses

-This song reminds me of ex’s. Geeze, I know it sounds like a break-up mix but some of the most powerful lyrics ever written are about loves, present and past. This is one. The lyrics are meaningful and the vocals are melodic. Simple background guitar and drums compliment but don’t overpower the music.

3. “Yesterday” by The Beatles

-I’ll admit it, I am a huge Beatles fan. This song exemplifies that secluded feeling we all feel after a break-up. It is beautiful and elegant and, as to do with this list, sad.

4. “Standing at the Edge of the Earth” by Blessed Union Of Souls

-Ohhhh boy, this is my go to “push me over the brink” song. I mean, it’s just beautiful. You have to listen to it, even if it’s the only one off this list.  I listen to it and it brings tears to my eyes like only amazing music can do.

5. “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak

-We all knew this would be on here. Haunting is the only thing that does this song justice. That warm bass in the background mixed with the twanging guitar make for opposites that really meld. Chris’ voice is amazing as ever but there is something that comes through that makes it sound so real. The song is epic and sad and well…haunting.

6. “Trouble” by Coldplay

– They don’t make music quite like this one anymore. the piano and Chris’ voice make an amazing pair but for me it’s all about the lyrics. It feels cold in a way, like what he is saying is something far off. He laments but it’s hollow….to me at least.

7. “Creep” by Stone Temple Pilots

-Now we are getting to the meat and potatoes. That low acoustic guitar and those deep bass notes that compliment Scott’s raspy vocals make for a combination that only true artists can put forth. It’s a very dark song that makes you very, for lack of a better word, introspective.

8. “Down in a Hole” by Alice in Chains

-This is a little heavy on the list I think. Like maybe save this for last. You want to cry, not think about nooses. I’m sorry, I don’t take that stuff lightly but I am serious, this song is one of those that has a ton of meaning behind it and is deep. Enjoy the songs and let it take you but don’t let it GET to you.

9. “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap

-Amazing song. It is pretty much one of my favorite songs by a female artist. I mean it is ethereal sounding but lyrically it is a journey into visualizing something so much more than what it is contained by. Very cool song and conducive for a cry!

10. “Iris” by The Goo-Goo Dolls

-Great song but I never really looked deeper into the song. I just go by the emotion of it. It feels sweeping and personal. Great song. I hope you have heard this! if not, i demand you youtube it! Yes, youtube is a verb!

11. “Ana’s Song” by Silverchair

-This one is very angsty and melodic. It really is uncomfortable when listened to lyrically. It is another haunting song. It’s a good thing though. It’s not just “oh i need to cry so i guess i will,” there’s more there. We all have that frustration and anger mixed with feelings of self doubt and all of those things come up when you have a true, emotional cry. It’s solely focused inward (kind of making it sound like a bad thing, but it’s a good thing! You know more about yourself this way! Why are you afraid, or hurt or why do you feel rejected/complacent. Stare that in the face and you will feel wayyy better). This song should mean a lot by the way. It is about the lead singer’s fight with anorexia. Heavy, meaningful stuff but excellent nonetheless.

12. “The End Of The World” by Skeeter Davis

-If this doesn’t do it for you, nothing will. Somewhat country but quite beautiful. It is such a delicate song that really feels light but the undertone of it all makes it one of the heavier songs on the list. (Yes, i know this is THAT song from girl, interrupted. Still, good song)

13. “Across The Night” by Silverchair

-The last song on the list by one of the better bands from Australia. I guess besides men at work? I chose this for last because it has a melancholy feel but it is such a beautiful sounding song. So much so that I used to listen to it before bed for years. Now, I can’t listen to it without getting sleepy (thank you, Pavlov). It is beautiful and symphonic and meaningful on so many different levels. This is the way to end on such a heavy playlist, with a pick-me-up!


Well, I hope you guys enjoy these song but I hope I didn’t bum anyone out. This was my own concoction of music I listen to when I am down. It helps me face what’s up head on and then I can move on and feel better, knowing what I was sad about in the first place. I hope this helps you as well!





8 thoughts on “[I’m Not Crying, It’s Just Raining From My Eyes] Playlist

  1. You miss some great cry songs like “Love Hurts”, “Everybody Hurts” and a song from the 1980’s by the Alan Parsons Project called “Time” It’s about death, and I actually play it when I know I need to cry, but cant. And of course there’s Roy Orbison’s song ‘Crying” totally on theme, and a real tearjerker. Of course, I’m a lady crier, so it may be different, but I think these are universal crying songs. Reminds me of a bumpersticker I saw years ago that read, “it takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man” Not a true sentiment, but it’s always good to wrap up a good cry with a good laugh!

  2. Great post! What a sweet personal thing to share…Now my cry-time playlist would overload the entire web as it exists and would cause a world wide internet melt down hahaha I love to listen to emotional music and have a good cry. Definitely healthy! Except for the crying headache/hangover the next morning. (Or maybe thats from the wine!) Lol
    Check out James Blunt’s “No Bravery” and “Last day on earth” by Kate Miller-Heidke
    I love a good teary waterfall to these. Enjoy the release! 🙂

  3. Yup! Across The Night is like an an anthem to me too. Like a Christmas morning.
    Two of the artists I am not familiar though but I’m gonna google them now ^ ^

  4. Okay, I was thinking you’re awesome when you mentioned Alanis, but Silverchair? I freaking love that band. I bought Neon Ballroom because of ‘Ana’s Song (Open Fire).’ When you’re a sixteen-year old going through crap in 1999, that album is magical. Silverchair has some great “I am so depressed” music.


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