I, The Moon

Well, every now and again i enjoy writing poetry. Now, I didn’t say I enjoy writing GOOD poetry, just poetry. The good part is for you to decide. so here is my first one to share with you on this blog entitled: I, The Moon:


I, The Moon

the light I shine into the darkness

blinds those who have not seen

such lights


“Hark, the moon! It’s light doth shine. Glory, Glory! What fine light it is”


I, The Moon Take no notice

of what those in the dark say about my light

because i am forever in search of You, The Sun.


You, the Sun

Those who see your light

that shines o’er eternity,

this your immortality

for which you do not want


You, The Sun

who dies every day

leaving the sky with hues

that inspire creatures


I, The Moon

but a reflection of you.

For your death is my

unwelcome birth.

Those who see my light see not

what I shine but what you have given me.


Jealous nature bleeds across my gleaming surface.


I never die but hide from your light

for it is too great.


I, The Moon

am disgracefully enamored

with You, The Sun.


Your rise is my fall.


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