[YOUR NAME HERE]’s Playlist

This is a playlist for your significant other. Not for break-ups or anything like that just songs that say “Hey stupid, I’m into you!”

1. “Everlong” Acoustic Version by Foo Fighters

-What makes this such a great song is first off the music is amazing. The Acoustic Guitar that headlines the song makes it such an intimate song. Though musically it is a fast paced song, lyrically Dave makes it slow down a bit and makes those originally rock oriented lyrics soothing. Really great and airy lyrics and guitar background that is memorable.

2. “Lay Lady Lay” by Bob Dylan

-Dylan in his somewhat country phase. I am not really into country but I mean, this is Dylan…Amazing song, great lyrics.

3. “First Day Of My Life” by Bright Eyes

-There is music and songs and then are THOSE songs. They have their own special category, this is one. I can’t convey just how this song gets to me. It encompasses those first feelings when you meet someone new. When, hopefully, some sort of relationship is ahead of you and for the first time you think “I think I like this person more than I knew”. It literally brings a smile to my face for its entire 3:09 duration. If you listen to nothing else on the list, listen to this.

4. “Blue Eyes” by Cary Brothers

-Oh boy…This song is one that just hits you at your core. When you listen to this you will have one person in mind the entire time. It doesn’t matter what their eye color is, this song says all those things some aren’t able to say. It’s frank and honest and just such a beautiful and melodic song though I could definitely see it being a wedding dance song so there is a bit of cheese in it. Still, great song.

5. “Anyone Else But You” by The Moldy Peaches

-Another “Smile Song”. It’s funny and such a great song to sit and listen to with the person you are in to. It won’t appeal to all though. It has an extremely anti-folk alignment.

6. “Bedroom Eyes” by DUM DUM GIRLS

-Really fun song. It has an upbeat flow and it is catchy as hell! The kind of song you find yourself humming while you brush your teeth. Now whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, you be the judge.

7. “All You need Is Love” by The Beatles

-I mean, really, if you were to guess any song to be on a “love ya” playlist, it had to be this one. Just really light melody and Lennon is great. This song says it all.

8. “Bruises” by Chairlift

-An indie band that had a hit song. Story of the year??? Okay, but this song is actually good. It is one of those songs that make you want to dance around your living room, any crazy dance you want. I mean it’s only the two of you right? Wait, i think you left the curtains open and that is definitely your neighbor… oh well…F.I.S.H

9. “Earth Angel” by The Penguins

-To understand this song and why it’s on here, you have to know that i was into bubblegum pop when i was a kid for years! This is the one I always had in my head whenever I had a crush on a girl. I’m talking to you Gosh!

10. “Brand New Key” by Melanie

-This is a great toe tapper/ head bobber. It’s a “Smile Song” at it’s essence!

11. “Tell Me Where It Hurts” by GARBAGE

-A sweeping symphonic melody, great drums and the voice of Shirley Manson create a trio of magic. It’s such a beautiful song. Lyrically it says “It’s just you and me. F*** em” and it’s such an honest song.

12. “Wonderwall” by Oasis

-Oh man, this song has a lot of history for me, sweet turned sour but never-the-less it is an amazing song. The guitars and strings backing the song create something more than what you’d expect from an Oasis song. Now, I know that Oasis lovers are probably wanting to kill me for saying that, but, for me, this song is the embodiment of the yearning we all feel about someone.

13. “Satellite” by Guster

-Good old fashioned 90s music! I mean, this is music. i love this song because when you hear it you just can’t help but be sucked into it. The flow of the music just surrounds you. The vocals in front of you mixed with the electric and acoustic guitars that surround you and the warmth of the drums and bass create some sort of vortex of mellow awesomeness.

14. “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks

-Rock and Roll at its finest Ladies and Gentlemen! Love it. Old school but still relevant and still influential. The Kinks knew what they were doing with this one. It’s that whole “you are like a drug” feeling in that first month or so you are with someone.

15. “Young Folks” by Peter, Bjorn and John

-Great indie song, somewhat folky. I hadn’t really heard much from PB&J until this and truthfully i haven’t heard much after but this song is one of those that is all about the lyrics. Minimalist background beats really compliment the set.

16. “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal

-My guilty pleasure song! Sweeping melody and Seal’s powerhouse voice come through on this one. Perfect in my opinion.

17. “Crimson and Clover” by Tommy James and The Shondells

-Another oldie but goodi. This one is one of affection. It’s that nervousness right before you walk up to that person and say “hi”. Great track for a playlist in those first couple of weeks. You know the conversation about each others’ music that ends with “Yeah I totally have to burn you some stuff”.

18. “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles

-Jigga What? Two Beatles songs on one playlist?! How can it be! Well, deal with it! I left this for last because it is really what we think of the first time when we meet that person. That first date when it’s just the two of you and you are nervous about how close you can be together without the other one saying “What are you doing?”. That moment when you make the go for it, just something as simple as holding their hand and they squeeze back, it is up there with some of the best feelings in the world and this song details it perfectly.

Well, that’s it! I hope you listen to these songs and I hope you dig them and hopefully whomever you burn them for will feel the same way. If it works and you guys start dating, promise me two things:

1. You will hold their hand regularly, doesn’t matter how sweaty

2. You will subscribe to my blog until you guys break up, which, with this awesome mix, will probably never happen. So, thanks for being a lifetime subscriber!


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